Email Hosting

Feature Rich, State of the Art Email Hosting

  • 99.9% uptime with best in class support
  • Unlimited Professional Email Addresses
  • Web Client like Crossbox, Rainloop, and Roundcube
  • Keep your Emails on separate Server
  • Supports IMAP & POP3

Why us?

Branded Emails

Use branded business emails to communicate with your clients. Customer Confidence increases when you branded emails for business purposes.


Access your business emails on the go from any browser anytime you want via our webmail client. We use clients like roundcube & crossbox.


All our mails come with POP and IMAP access for you to sync with your choice of app or desktop client like outlook, thunderbird etc.

Ad Free

Our Business emails are always ad-free, you don’t have to worry about companies bombarding you with targeted ads and popups

Unlimited Emails

We have a one price policy. We don’t charge you based on the number of emails you use but instead on the storage volume you use.

High Delivery

Our Email Server IP’s are always warmed up to ensure High delivery so that your emails always land in the inbox of your client.

Data Privacy

We don’t sell your data nor we access your Emails without permission. We make sure to uphold the highest level of privacy for clients.

IP reputation

All of our Email Servers IP are bought from reputable IP providers only. If Email gets failed to be sent due to IP reputation, we change the IP.

Looking for an Enterprise solution?

Checkout our Enterprise Email Solution Powered by Google. It provides you with plethora of tools and product solutions like Google Docs, Google Sheets etc which shall help you with making managing your business tasks easy.

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All our plans have a high outgoing email limit of 300 emails per hour per email address.
We Ban users if our email hosting is used in the following ways
  • High Bounce rates
  • High Spam Rates
  • Bulk or Mass Mailing
  • Adult related websites
  • Using bots to attack any other inbox.
We take spamming as a very serious offense and spamming will lead to direct termination of your account without providing backup of email.
We do take backups, but its only for internal use only strictly used for extreme situations, we don't care of backup of individual email accounts. Our backups are usually server wide and not account wise for privacy reasons.
We provide refunds only in case when the customer is not satisfied with our product and raises a claim for refund within 7 days of buying the product. We don't provide refund if we find you violating any of our ban policy.
We provide Server Uptime guarantee of 99.9% , We always strive to provide better uptime than others.
Once your account is suspended, all the data of your account shall be deleted fully and final within 14 days of suspension, We wont be able to provide any backups of email once your account is suspended.
Please follow this link to visit our support desk and raise a support ticket for your query. We normally respond to all your support queries within 24 hours.
We accept All major Debit and Credit Cards, Paypal and Various Wallet options. We use Stripe,Paypal and Razorpay as our payment processor to ensure utmost security. No card details or data is stored on our servers.