If you’re interested in getting into the world of blogging you have probably heard about Blogger vs WordPress from many blogging sources, and when you wonder what are the differences and which one you should choose. After all, choosing the correct platform is important as you will be using it in through your whole blogging life.

In this article Blogger and WordPress (Self Hosted) are compared.

Let’s compare both of the blogging services in terms of possession, control, appearance, ease of use, security, social sharing, limitations



Blogger is a blogging service provided by Google. It is free, reliable, and pretty enough to publish your articles on the web. However, you can fully own the blog. Google runs this service and has the right to shut it down and your access to it at any time.

In WordPress.org you have to use a WordPress Hosting Provider to host your own website. You can then have total control over your blog and don’t have to worry about site shutting down. You can control any information you share with any third party.



Blogger is an improved service which has a very limited tools to perform predefined and only specific tasks on your website. The things you can do on your blogspot are limited, and there is no way you can update its feature to use it in the future.

WordPress is rather an open-source service software, that is why you can add more new features to do more things on your website. You use plugins in WordPress which allows you to modify features such as adding your own personal store in your website etc. Therefore, WordPress is best for any business owner who want to sell online.



Blogger provides a limited set of by default templates to use. You can only modify the colours and layout of these templates using some built-in tools and cannot create own layouts or make modifications.

WordPress has over thousand themes which some of them are free and few are Premium themes. You can customize these themes and can make professional looking websites. There is mostly many WordPress theme for every kind of website, no matter what type of your site is about. You can easily modify and customize themes in WordPress



Blogger which is made by Google has inbuilt Google Adsense feature. It is also relatively easy to add images in the sidebar for any type of advertising.

In WordPress, you have to install a Google Publisher plugin to use Google Adsense. Also you can use any or two to three advertising services on your website which give you more and better earnings.



Using Blogger, you have an advantage of Google’s secure services and need not to worry about managing resources on your server, securing blog or creating backups.

Since you own your whole website resources, you’re in charge for security of it. Luckily, there are some WordPress plugins which will protect your website and also generate backups for free.


6.Social sharing

Blogger which is owned by Google doesn’t have sharing options or buttons to Facebook or Twitter etc. And it is not possible to add more social option on your website through blogger

WordPress can easily add any social buttons/icons on your website. You can choose many types of free or premium plugins to place social sharing buttons on anywhere on website or blog posts.



Blogger is a limited blogging service as Google imposed some limitation on their service example, they enforce a 1mb size limitation on each page

There is possibly less limitation in WordPress as your site belongs to you and add extra storage on your site through hosting provider.



At last, when you decide on which blogging platform you want to use your website remember to ask yourself a question “What are you blogging for?”

If you’re an amateur blogger, writing about article in day to day sequence you can use Blogger and it is very easy to start and maintain a blog.

If you’re a serious and want to establish an online presence in web, I suggest you to go for WordPress.